Consulting in Curricular and Instructional Design and Faculty Development

ACDET's personnel have significant experience with the development of health-science center curricula for both medical students and physician assistants. We offer guidance in developing curricular objectives, advanced instructional and assessment procedures, and educational technologies that are congruent with the most current and sound, cognitive and instructional sciences principals. We also can assist/provide undergraduate medical, PA and CME programs with faculty development/enhancement programs that result in instructional and assessment procedures most likely to produce measurably improved performance outcomes.

Differential Diagnosis Training via KBIT

The most difficult intellectual activity confronting undergraduate medical students and PA's is the development of diagnostic competence. ACDET is perhaps best known for its web based differential diagnosis tutor - KBIT. KBIT is an advanced, instructional sciences derived, artificial intelligence based approach to DDX training and assessment.

KBIT's key features include: